Americans Switch to Portable AC Boxes: But do you REALLY need one? And What's The Best Model To Buy, Without Spending a Fortune… 

22nd April 2023 | Advertorial

Air con energy bills in Virginia set to be highest ever... Inflation with longer, heatwave summers mean our bills will likely skyrocket... Unfortunately, vulnerable seniors, are far more likely to suffer in the heat... Experts recommend portable AC as a cheap, heat relief. We review a popular budget-friendly option half the price of its competitors. But is it any good? 

Your energy supplier won't tell you, but 2023's record inflation and gas prices will mean huge energy bills this summer... 

Then there's more 'good news' from the meteorologists... They calculate another summer of record temperatures in Virginia...

Record energy costs + record heat highs, oh boy, we can't wait...

You either suffer in the heat, or your bank balance suffers later!

That's why thousands are desperately searching for a way to cool their home, for cheap.

Experts say portable AC boxes are the answer.

No installation, easy to use, and extremely cheap to run - it's little wonder these boxes are in high demand. 

"Compared to traditional AC it's much cheaper, far more efficient, portable - and it cools you just the same!"
- Ian Holland, Cheif Reviewer, DailyTechILife 

What's the catch with portable AC units?

However, the problem is there still aren't many brands to choose from yet. This low competition and high customer demand, means they are still very expensive, and mostly overpriced in our opinion... 

Thankfully, just in time for the summer of 2023, a US company has just started selling a remarkably affordable model, the Chillwell.

It's a fraction of the price of its competitors, and in our professional opinion - it's the best-value portable AC on the market right now!

What Makes It So Special?

Mostly, the price.

At a fraction of the price of its competitors, the Chillwell portable AC is the best value choice on the market right now.

However, don't let its low price fool you. The Chillwell is premium in almost every way. Stylish, made from high-quality materials, and most importantly - cools a room in minutes for next to nothing in energy costs. It more than keeps up with its competitors costing up to double! 

They've managed to keep the costs low by not spending millions on fancy advertising campaigns and not having the expense of physical high street shops.

They also don't sell on Amazon or other 3rd party websites to avoid price mark-ups.

All this means the lowest possible price for a pretty premium product!

Naturally, they're struggling to keep up with the huge demand in the US right now. Many are already ordering theirs in preparation for the predicted crime waves in the recession ahead. 

Our advice: Demand is likely to skyrocket. Order now. 

Don't be that person that leaves it too late and ends up overpaying.

Save yourself some extra cash on your bills and enjoy the summer heat in cool comfort. 

How is the Chillwell so cheap to run?

Instead of costly outdated vapor compression technology, the ChillWell AC uses new ‘Hydro-Chill Technology’ to cool you down in the summer heat. 

It's a clever, and cheap solution to get the same result - cool air! 

The science is that it uses the naturally lower temperature and cooling effect of water and a super-efficient fan to direct this air where you need it! 

Conclusion: the Chillwell is a very cheap, smart solution to cooling you!

Is the Chillwell healthier for you?

We've all heard the line; 'AC isn't good for your health'. Well, there's a ton of science to back that up. From coughs, dehydration, and colds to serious illness...

This is mostly down to the dusty, dry nature of the air it produces and the fact we don't, can't clean them easily or enough... 

Although the science isn't out yet, we'd guess the Chillwell is WAY healthier for you. Your body prefers a cool, slightly moist breeze, instead of the dusty, dry air you'd get from a wall AC. No more 'AC coughs'...

The dust filler is easy to remove and rinse to clean

It's far easier and safer to clean too, which means far fewer mold and bacteria problems than wall AC units have. No ladders, or risk of electric shocks to get to the filters either! 

Imagine a cool, moist, ocean breeze on a hot, sweaty, summer's day. Argh, beautiful!

Is this technology the future of cooling? 

All the signs say the industry could go this way yes. 

It's cheaper, better for your health and less taxing on the environment too. 

It wins all the main arguments!

However, the companies that profit from the massive AC industry (that includes energy companies...) will lobby to fight and discredit this transition at all costs. 

So we may not see any big changes for a while yet... 

Is the Chillwell good value?

In short, yes!

AC units can set you back hundreds of dollars in installations, cleaning, repairs and energy costs.

Portable Hydro AC boxes are much cheaper. 

The Chillwell is up to 55% cheaper than most of its closest competitors. 

The product itself feels extremely well made and from high-quality materials. 

And this isn't just our professional option - we've not seen anyone complaining in reviews it's overpriced either!

For the latest  Chillwell  offers and to check availability click here

"This gadget has given me such relief already. I didn't realize just how much my bills would go up until I got the first one. Now I can cool myself down in the Florida inferno for cheap and live in peace! " - Stefan P.

"Excellent value for money and very fast delivery. I bought two boxes as they offered the best value for money. I will definitely recommend them to my friends as they really do as good a job as my neighbors which is double the price. Impressed" - Anna R.

"Arrived in a week. I was lucky to get mine as I saw they were sold out the next day! Very easy to use, I set it up in minutes and learned how to use it quickly and I'm not a tech person at all. So far I'm very happy with it. Mine is next to my bed as I don't want to sleep under my AC. I've had no problems and the Chillwell is giving me the best sleep I've had in years" - Ken G.

Should you buy it?

For peace of mind, yes. 

This device will save you money on your bills and keep you comfortable in the inevitable heatwaves ahead!

The Chillwell is the best value for performance out there right now. It's pretty much identical to a $200 device, but it's being sold well under $100 - that's a really great deal, the best out there. 

You can get a  Chillwell on promotion with free the US delivery clicking here > >

  •   Cheapest cool air out there - Costs cents to run all day, WAY cheaper than wall AC! 

      Better for your health - No dry, dusty air. Moist, cool, healthy breeze instead! 

     Portable  - Move it from room to room and only spend energy cooling the space you're in
    ✅  Silent fan - so quiet you'll have to check it's on! 
    ✅  Night light - Many choose to sleep next to it, choose from 8 different soft lights! 
    ✅  Fast-acting - coolness that begins to work in just 30 seconds 

  • Fast shipping - 2 days in most states!
    Great Value - Cheaper than competitors


Who is ordering the Chillwell AC?

As far as we can see - everyone in the South!   

Demand will only grow week by week as the weather heats up and word spreads about their promotion.

Our tip; Order yours today or risk there being no stock when you really nice it. 

How much is the Chillwell?

Good news, we've contacted Chillwell and they've given us a special link to a discount page where you can get up to 55% off full price.

This is only on a limited amount of readers, so move fast to secure an amazing discount!

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Overall very good. Used for 2 months and can't really fault it, especially for the price. Bargain. I did order a white model and got a black, but they were quick to swap it.



Saw this on a review site and ordered it straight away. Was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised by just how good it is. 
I've ordered one more for my elderly parents as it will do just the job. 

Highly recommend. 



My neighbours got a similar box from another brand to sit outside during the lockdowns. I was so impressed but it was expensive back then. At this price it's well worth it.  I did my research and saw the Chillwell was the best value for performance. I was skeptical as it's literally half the price or less now it's on promo, than the others -but the Chillwell hasn't disappointed. I  100% would recommend!

Shaun P


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