Americans Urged to Install Doorbell Cameras: But do you REALLY need one? And What's The Best Model To Buy, Without Spending a Fortune… 

7th Febuary 2023 | Advertorial

Burglaries set to rise: as the US enters a recession, it's predicted that crime will skyrocket. Unfortunately, vulnerable seniors, in unprotected homes, are far more likely to be targeted. Experts recommend smart doorbells for security. But while door cameras make a great deterrent, they can be very expensive... However, there's now a budget-friendly option half the price of its competitors and without a monthly subscription. But is it any good? 

In 2022 the US saw a house burgled every 106 seconds..

With a big recession underway, crime will rise sharply...

We've all gotten used to door deliveries, especially during lockdowns. Many violent burglars are now taking advantage of this fact. They're posing as delivery staff, then forcing their way into your home as soon as you open the door - truly terrifying...

We're already seeing in the news many celebrities and famous footballers falling victim to this. 
But as the rich quickly move to protect their families and homes with state-of-the-art security systems, the criminals are moving on to much easier prey - the old and alone...

That's why thousands are desperately searching for a way to quickly protect their families and home, for cheap.

Security experts say door cameras are the best solution. Easy to install and use, they are a huge deterrent to criminals too:

"A majority of burglars will choose another target if they notice a door camera"
- study from the University of North Carolina's Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology

Who else does a smart bell protect you and your loved ones from?

It's not just extreme criminals who'll avoid a door camera. Package thieves, scammers, and fraudsters will skip a house with a door camera, to protect their identity and avoid being caught.

That's why you see most houses already have smart doorbells. They're cheaper than a full home security system and easy and mess-free to install. Plus, they work!

What's the catch with doorbell security cameras?

However, the problem is many brands are super expensive and have costly monthly subscription fees too...

Thankfully, a Dutch company has just started selling a remarkably affordable model, the Enway Door Cam, in the US. It doesn't have a monthly subscription and is a fraction of the price. In our professional opinion - it's the best-value smart doorbell on the market right now!

What Makes It So Special?

Mostly, the price.

At a fraction of the price of its competitors, the Enway Smart Door Cam is the best budget choice on the market right now. It doesn't have a rip-off monthly subscription either, which nowadays is rare. 

However, don't let its low price fool you. The Enway Camera is premium in almost every way. Stylish, weatherproof, made from high-quality materials, and most importantly - is packed with all the latest top-notch tech.

They've managed to cut costs by not spending millions on fancy advertising campaigns and not having the expense of physical high street shops.

They also don't sell on Amazon (their competitor!) or other 3rd party websites, to avoid markups. All this means the lowest possible price for a pretty premium product!

Naturally then, they're struggling to keep up with the huge demand in the US right now. Many are already ordering theirs in preparation for the predicted crime waves in the recession ahead. 

Our advice: Demand is likely to skyrocket. Order now. 

Don't be that person that leaves it too late and ends up coming home to a wrecked home, or worse...

Dramatically lower your risk of the stress, panic, cost, and anxiety of a break-in - this is the best value solution we can see right now...

Why is the Enway Smart Doorbell so effective?

2 in 3 burglaries are committed on empty houses through the front door.

First, they'll knock on the front door to check if anyone is in. If there's no answer, they then simply kick or crowbar the front door open - it's much easier and faster than you think!

But, when a criminal sees your Enway smart doorbell they just won't risk it. They know you could have seen them and already called the police or alerted a neighbour. Plus the camera can easily capture their identity. They'll move on to an easier, less risky target instead...

Conclusion: the Enway is an amazing deterrent. 

  How do you set it up?

It's designed to be effortless, quick, and mess-free to set up.

Step1:You download their easy-to-use app onto your smartphone.

Step 2:You connect the Enway to your home's wifi, which then allows you to see, speak and listen through your smartphone. You'll get motion detection alerts, automatic recording, play pre-recorded messages, and much more!

That's it, you're setup and  protected!

You don't need to be a tech wizz at all. In fact, it's designed to be super easy to setup, and believe me, it is!

The Enway Door Cam  is up to 66% cheaper than most of its closest competitors. 

Is the Enway good value?

In short, yes!

Home doorbells can set you back hundreds of pounds.

As we mentioned before, it's up to 66% cheaper than similar models. 

The product itself feels extremely well made and from high-quality materials. 

And this isn't just our professional option - we've not seen anyone complaining in reviews it's overpriced either!

For the latest  Enway Door Cam  offers and to check availability click here

"This gadget has given me such peace of mind. I didn't realize just how many salesmen and scammers are annoying my elderly father until I installed an Enway at his. Now I can tell them via my smartphone we're not interested so he can live in peace! " - Stefan P.

"Excellent value for money and very fast delivery. I bought two devices as they offered the best value for money. I will definitely recommend them to my friends as they really do as good a job as my neighbours which is double the price. Impressed" - Anna R.

"Arrived in a week. I was lucky to get mine as I saw they were sold out the next day! Very easy to use, I set it up in minutes and learned how to use it quickly and I'm not a tech person at all. So far I'm very happy with it, no problems and it does give me a sense of protection." - Kim G.

Should you buy it?

For peace of mind, yes. 

If other houses on your road already have a smart doorbell, then you should too.

Without a smart doorbell, you're making your house an easy target.

If you have children, you'll understand the value of your loved ones' security. If you have an elderly parent you're worried could be targeted - this is a no-brainer to help keep an eye on them and make sure no suspicious characters casing their home. 

Statistically, you're making your home far less of a target just by having it visible. 

It's convenient for deliveries when you're out too. 

The Enway is the best value for performance out there right now. It's pretty much identical to a $300 device, but it's being sold for under $100 - that's a really great deal, the best out there. 

You can get a  Enway Door Camon promotion  with free America delivery clicking here > >

  •   Crystal Clear 1080P Camera Resolution- See exactly who's at your door. The recording could be used as evidence later on...

      2-Way Audio -to Talk To Anyone From Your Phone with a Built-in high-quality mic and speaker, this camera allows you to use the Two Way Audio function to talk with the person on the screen and hear them talk back.

      Scare Away Intruders  - with the press of a button you can set off a deafening alarm to scare away any unwanted visitors
    ✅  Night Vision  - Infrared recording and camera feed gives you protection when criminals are most active.
    ✅  Super Bright LED Light- Light up the face of anyone who approaches
    ✅  Built In Motion Tracking  - 24/7 motion tracking means Enway won't miss a thing

    Connects To Any Phone- Works with both iOS and Android phones

  • 100% Free app - No subscription to use the app, unlike most other brands!

  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa Echo
    ✅ Cheaper than competitors - great value 

  • Low Stock:In high demand. Currently only available through the official site - click any links on this article to check stock!

Who is ordering the  Enway Smart Doorbell Cam?

As far as we can see - everyone!   

Demand will only grow week by week as word spreads about their promotion.

Our tip; Order yours today or risk there being no stock when you really nice it. 

How much is the  Enway Door Cam?

Good news, we've contacted Enway and they've given us a special link to a discount page where you can get up to 50% off full price.

This is only on a limited amount of readers, so move fast to secure an amazing discount!

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Overall very good. Used for 2 months and can't really fault it, especially for the price. Bargain. I did order a white model and got a black, but they were quick to swap it.



Saw this on a review site and ordered it straight away. Was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised by just how good it is. 
I've ordered one more for my elderly parents as it will do just the job. 

Highly recommend. 



My neighbours were burgled recently, it's a big problem in my area. Many houses have these smart door bells.  I did my research and saw the Enway was the best value for performance. I was skeptical as it's literally half the price or less now it's on promo, than the others -but the Enway hasn't disappointed. I  100% would recommend!

Shaun P


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